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Block Ads While Browsing

Block Ads

Block Ads While Browsing

Block Ads While Browsing. This is the simple trick to block or remove ads while browsing.

In this post, we will be guiding you how to control or block all the irritating banner ads that display while you are browsing on your Android mobile.

Follow these steps step by step to block ads while browsing:

Open the play store that is available on your android mobile.

Do a search for “peregrine browser” app and install the app. It is very lite in size just 74 kb not even 1 MB.

Open the browser after installing and grant the permissions whatever it may be asking you otherwise the app will not work properly.

The best part of this browser when you compare it with others is it is very small in size.

You can request for the desktop site well all the default settings that we see on others browsers will be shown in this browser also.

It looks similar like a default browser of any Android mobile. Click on the settings and you can adjust the size of the text in the browser.

You can enable safe browsing to avoid unwanted websites from browsing on your Android mobile. Remove the cache and everything daily.

Scroll to the bottom of the settings and you will see the option of block advertisements in the browser just enable it and you will not see any unwanted or irritating ads while browsing on your Android mobile.

It also saves your mobile data so much if you are a limited data user then you need to definitely try this app once in your android mobile.

Disable ads while browsing:

You may be irritated with most of the banner ads while you are browsing online with your Android mobile. Here comes the solution for that you can block advertisements that are appearing in your browser with just one click and you can save a lot more of your mobile data on your android mobile.

You can even block the images while browsing so that you can save a little more while browsing online. These all little creepy ads and popups which will be displayed whenever you visit any new and unknown website will be blocked from now. So, you can now visit for the information to any new website that you are not familiar with using your android mobile.

Clear your cache and browsing history once in a week so that it will be boosting up the performance of your mobile while browsing. Create bookmarks of regularly visiting websites on your mobile home screen instead of installing the apps which takes more storage space on your android mobile.

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Watch this video to block ads while browsing:


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