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How To Apply New Look For YouTube Website

Change YouTube Theme

Change YouTube Theme

Change YouTube Theme. This is the simple trick to change the look and feel of youtube website. It is released officially, you don’t need to install any plugin for this.

In this post, we will be guiding you regarding how to change youtubeĀ theme. This is the best method and official release from youtube itself. You don’t need to install any plugins for this.

Follow these steps step by step to change youtube theme:

Open the browser and visit the youtube.com website.

For changing the theme you need to follow this URL “youtube.com/new”.

Paste the above URL in the URL section of your browser and tap on the enter button.

You will be taken to the page where it says try it now button. Click on the try it now button your youtube page will be refreshed after that showing you a new look and feel when compared to the previous one.

Click on the top right corner of your screen on your user profile picture and enable the dark theme option.

You will be seeing the dark theme mode which is completely new for youtube page. Even though you get it before by installing some extensions. This one looks amazing and its completely safe because it’s an official release by youtube itself.

It has got many more features as new just try by yourself.

YouTube New Look:

YouTube is one of the major platforms to learn almost everything from online for completely free. It is giving the opportunity to all the video creators out there to prove their talent.

It also has a worldwide audience who regularly check what’s new happening on youtube website. Recently youtube brought minor changes in its policies and everything has been changed when compared to the previousĀ one.

Major changes happened and the look of the website has been released officially, you can try it by visiting the above-mentioned URL in the post.

This is the time to apply the new theme for youtube website and provide them the feedback regarding how much did you like the new release on their feedback section.

I especially like the dark theme mode because the title of any video clip is clearly visible with covering all the black color around before the title is not at all visible on a white background. According to my opinion, the youtube page improved its design more when compared to the previous one.

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Watch this video to change youtube theme:


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