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Copy Hand Written Text From An Image

Copy Hand Written Text From An Image

Copy Hand Written Text From An Image. Today I will be showing you how to copy text from an image.

However, You can also save the text from an image which is hand written.

This feature is very useful for students and people who does software jobs like every time copying the notes or scanning it.

However, this feature comes in to handy if a scanner and printer or a xerox machine is not available at your place.

And this will make your work much more easier and saves your time as well.

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Process To Copy Hand Written Text From An Image :

Just open your browser

and do a search for keep google in URL section and log in with your Gmail account.

You can use image of any format here just like png, jpg etc but make sure it is not in gif or small sort of video format

because this website will not allow other image formats.

In other words, images like png and jpg is allowed anywhere on this website.

Click on the image icon and a popup will display on your screen. Select the image and import it to the website to copy the text written on the image.

After importing successfully click on the three dots and select the option of grab image text. It will display the text just below the image.

Above all, This way you can copy text from all the notes which were handwritten by you. This method works accurately most of the time.

So, this is the best technique to save some time using your laptop.

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