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Create Fake Tweet Using Mobile

Create Fake Tweet Using Mobile

Create Fake Tweet Using Mobile. You can now create a fake tweet using your mobile and prank with all your friends.

Follow the step by step procedure to create fake tweet using mobile:

Open the play store that is available on your android mobile. Do a search for “Fake tweets” app in the search engine and install the app on your mobile.

Grant the permissions whatever it may be asking you after opening the app otherwise the app will not work properly on your mobile. Get into the settings of that particular app and grant all the permissions carefully to make the app work perfectly on your mobile.

After opening the app you will be shown a fake tweet on your mobile screen all you just need to make some changes accordingly.

Tap on the profile pic of egg symbol. It will be showing you multiple options to change the profile picture. Choose your desired picture that you would like to apply as a profile picture for the fake tweet that you are going to create using the app.

Similarly, change the profile name. All you just need to tap on the name and edit it properly as you wish. You cannot change the verified symbol after your username but you can change all other details like the post, profile picture, username, likes and share of your fake tweet within the app.

This app provides you the simple interface of editing all the stuff and creating a fake tweet without any efforts. You can change the retweet numbers shown as well as the heart symbol.

Share fake tweet with friends:

Once completed. You can now share this fake tweet that you have created on Twitter by tapping the contact symbol you see at the lower left corner of your mobile screen and logging in to your twitter account.

You can also save the fake tweet image to your mobile gallery if not you can screenshot the created fake tweet, crop it and share it with all of your friends using your social profiles.

So, you can now create a fake tweet very easily using your mobile with the help of a simple app. You will be getting several alternatives in the play store but this app works best among all of those apps.

This app is provided for free and it is also got a simple interface to understand.

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