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Create Temporary Email

Create Temporary Email

Create Temporary Email

Today i will be showing you how to create a temporary email address in one second.

Open the play store and do a search for temp mail in the search box.

Do install the app and open the application.

This app will not ask you any permissions.

That’s it you have got a temporary email address on your screen after opening the app.

You don’t have to register or signup for this.

You can also change your temporary email as you like by clicking on the change button.

You can also verify this temporary email.

To verify your temporary email while registering on any website just click on the inbox button.

This will take you to the inbox section of your temporary email address.

This is how you can create a temporary email and get rid of spam mails in your inbox.

You can also follow the same procedure on your computer by visiting the temp mail website.

Watch the above video for full procedure
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