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Enable Non Skippable Ads For Videos

Enable Non Skippable Ads

Enable Non Skippable Ads

Enable Non Skippable Ads. This is the simple trick to enable non skippable ads on your youtube videos and earn more money from youtube channel.

In this post, we will be guiding you how to increase your YouTube channel growth as well as income.

Follow these steps step by step to enable non skippable ads:

Open the browser that is available on your computer.

Do a search for “YouTube” on Google search engine and do follow the very first link from the search results.

Login to your channel by using your Gmail id. After logging in you need to click on the help button with the question mark on it located at the bottom of YouTube page.

It will be opening a pop-up window on your computer screen and provides you the list of options. Select email as your option and click on next then you will be taken to the contact partner support.

You just need to select the monetization and Adsense option and fill the form which is shown below. Fill all the details like first name, last name, email address, channel URL.

Write few words regarding enabling non-skippable Ads for your channel in the how can we help you section and make sure you write the request correctly without any spelling mistakes.

There is an option of is Your issue about a specific video. Select no as your option for that and click on send button.

Non-skippable ads for YouTube channel:

You will see the thank you message within the popup window as well as you will receive an email from yt support mentioning Thanks for contacting the support team.

The YouTube support team will check your request whether your channel is eligible for non-skippable ads or not. They will get back to you through email within 1 or 2 days. If your channel is approved for non-skippable ads then you can enable monetization on your videos for non skippable ads.

You can enable this feature on the monetization tab of video on your channel. Don’t enable long non-skippable ads because the viewer who is watching your videos will get irritated and close your videos without watching them. So your watch time will be decreased if you enable long non-skippable ads on your channel videos.

Make sure you have enough content on your channel before applying for the request because the support team will not approve the non-skippable ads for small channels with little or no content.

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Watch this video to enable non skippable ads:


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