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Google Search Engine Tricks | Top 10 Tricks in Google

Google Search Engine Tricks

Google Search Engine Tricks

Google Search Engine Tricks. These are some of the simple tips and tricks that you need to know regarding google search engine.

In this post, we will be guiding you through the google search engine tricks. Tricks that you can do with google search engine.

Follow these steps step by step for google search engine tricks:

Open the browser that is available on your computer and do visit the google.com website.

Search for “do the barrel roll” in google search engine and click on I’m feeling lucky the page will be rotated once.

If you want to mirror the search engine you can click on “google mirror” so that the google page will be shown in a mirror format.

Click on “google terminal” to convert google page into command prompt window scrolling all the text with the black background screen.

Click on “Pacman” to play Pacman game by the way I like this game.

You can even play “guitar” by clicking on the guitar option your google text will be converted to guitar online.

Play snake game by clicking on the “google snake” button.

Search for “zerg rush” and click on I’m feeling lucky to start a shooting game. Play brick ball game by search “breakout on google” and clicking on I’m feeling lucky.

Convert google to the globe by searching for “google sphere” and clicking on I’m feeling lucky. Search for “goglogo” and click on I’m feeling lucky and enter your name to replace your name with the google on google search engine.

Search for blink tag and see the text will be blinking randomly all over the page.

Play basketball by a search for “google basketball” and clicking on I’m feeling lucky.

Google search engine tips:

Most of the users only use google search engine as their default homepage but they don’t know these tips and tricks of google. You can play games by using this google search engine.

You can even change or replace the name of the google by your own name for fun by using a tip that is mentioned above. See, You can play brick ball, snake, Pacman, basketball, guitar etc using the google.

Google is completely safe and worldwide popular search engine by using which you can improve your knowledge. Everyone out there is an internet user so you need to know these basic things of google.

You can even use the google as a timer by searching on google to set the timer for 5 minutes. Change the time according to your wish but the words are same.

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