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Hide IP Address | Install Tor Browser

Hide IP Address

Hide IP Address | Install Tor Browser

Hide IP Address. This is the simple and easy trick to hide your IP address from tracing. Now you can hide your identity anytime by making some simple changes.

In this post, we will be guiding you how to install the Tor browser on your computer.

Follow these steps step by step to hide IP address:

Open the browser that is available on your computer.

Do a search for “tor browser” in the Google search engine and do follow the very first link from the search results.

Check the language and system capability like Windows 32 or 64 and download the software.

Install the browser and open it. It takes more time for the first time to open the browser.

You have to use this tor browser in the default size to hide your identity, don’t maximize the browser to the full version if you do so your location will be detected by the websites.

You can visit the banned websites at your location by using this browser. It will be hiding your IP address so that your location will not be traceable any time.

The size of the browser will be up to 50 MB so you can copy it into the Pendrive and use it anywhere while traveling also if you don’t carry your computer always.

If you ever want to uninstall the software then open the start menu available on the bottom left corner of your desktop and click on the control panel.

Click on the add or remove programs section and uninstall the software.

Hide your location while browsing:

This browser creates layers on your IP address just like the onion layers so to trace you they have to cross three layers which are used to hide your actual location.

Some browsers also support this type of functionality like they provide the incognito mode but most of them won’t work correctly so this is the best method to hide your location while browsing online.

See, if you want to visit any website online by hiding your personal details or you don’t like to reveal your personal info to the websites then you can use this tor browser. Don’t misuse the browser.

Whenever you open the browser it will be establishing a new connection. It takes more time when you open the software for the first time but when you keep on opening the software it will be loading faster on your computer.

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