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Hide Local Disk Without Software

Hide local disk

Hide Local Disk Without Software

Hide Local Disk Without Software. 

In this post, we will be guiding you how to hide the local drive that is available on your computer without any software by using a simple trick.

Follow these steps step by step to hide local disc without software:

Click on the Windows icon or start button provided at the bottom left corner of your computer screen.

Type CMD in the search bar and click on enter. If it is asking you permission then grant the permission of admin access for the program.

Write “diskpart” in the command prompt and tap on the enter button. Grant the permission again if it is asking you.

Now, write “list volume” and tap on the enter button to see the list of volumes as well as local drives that are available on the computer.

Select the volume now accordingly regarding which local drive you want to hide on your computer and tap on the enter button.

It will be showing you the volume is selected. Now, write “remove letter F”. Here you need to change the local drive letter in the place of F drive that I have shown you as an example and tap on the enter button.

The local letter which you tried to remove will be gone within a second. So you can now remove or hide any local drive that is available on your computer.

Make sure you don’t play with the local drive on which you have installed your operating system because you may end up with formatting your computer if in case you make any mistake.

Now, if you want to get back the local drive which you have hidden then just type “assign letter f” and tap on the¬†enter button to get your hidden local drive back on your computer.

Hide local drive using command prompt:

This is the best method to hide all your personal files using the command prompt and no one will even guess that you have hidden something on your computer.

In this example, I have used F letter local drive but do enter your local drive letter in command prompt when you are trying to hide the local drive on your computer.

If you want to store or hide all of your images, personal videos on the same computer that everyone is using at you are home then you can follow this procedure to hide the files on the computer.

People never know that you are hiding something on the computer because they will not see or identify any type of software which is used to hide information on the computer if you use the command prompt.

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