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How To Keep Monitor On When Laptop Is Closed

How To Keep Monitor On When Laptop Is Closed

How To Keep Monitor On When Laptop Is Closed

How To Keep Monitor On When Laptop Is Closed.

You can now connect a big size external monitor through HDMI cable port and can display your laptop screen on the monitor.

However, This procedure will be helpful for youtubers, gamers, professional video editors and for the people who do a lot of productive work with their computer.

Just like opening 5 to 6 tabs at a time and doing multi tasking. The benefits of having a external monitor is you can now learn how to do things and implement it at the right time.

For example, you can learn video editing in one tab and do the practice in another tab of same window but for this you need a wide monitor for your laptop which will be connected through HDMI port.

If you want to use a external monitor for your laptop then this is the post for you.

Today I will be showing you how to use your laptop even after closing the lid. By default, your laptop will go into sleep mode once you close the lid.

This process works on windows 10 operating system.

Process :

To fix this problem you need to make a small change in your control panel.

Do a search for power options in the control panel search bar.

And click on the link “Choose what closing the lid does”.

Select the option of “do nothing” in both cases whether you are running on battery or using any power source.

And click on save changes button.

Now you can close the lid of your laptop without getting it into sleep mode. This feature will be helpful for all those people who download a lot of content from online.

Or for Those people who want to use a secondary monitor by connecting the laptop to an HDMI cable.

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