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How To Speed Up Performance Of Your Android Mobile

Improve Android Performance

Improve Android Performance

Improve Android Performance. This is the simple trick to improve your android performance very quickly by making some minor changes within your android mobile.

In this post, we will be guiding you through how to improve android performance by making some changes in your phone. This method helps you really a lot if you are still using an old android mobile.

Follow these steps step by step to improve android performance:

You need to make some changes within your android mobile. Open settings and go to about section of your phone.

Tap the build number 7 times and you will see the message saying “you are now a developer”. Now go to the additional settings of your phone.

Click on the developer options you see and enable the developer options in android mobile.

Drag a little bit lower in the developer options and reduce these three values “window animation scale”,”transition animation scale”,”animator duration scale”.

Reduce these values to 0.5x or completely zero to improve your android performance.

The second step is just open the play store that is available on your android mobile.

Do a search for super touch app and install the app. Open the app and read the instructions carefully provided within the app.

Click on start smooth touch button and click on the general option. You don’t need to purchase the premium one, the free application also works great.

It will apply the default settings and you can see there will be an improvement in your android performance.

Increase android performance:

Nowadays every person is an android mobile user and the technology is improving day by day in life. To stay updated we also need the high-end performance in using the android mobile to make things done very quickly.

Even if you are an old android mobile user then you can make these minor changes that are mentioned above to increase the performance of any android mobile.

These are some of the minor tweaks that can be done and remember to keep your mobile always clean don’t ever install the apps that you don’t need. Keep all the apps updated and do install only lite version apps.

Those apps will not take more storage from the device. If you can’t find any app that is a lite version of it in the android play store then do visit the site using the browser and bookmark it and save it to the home screen as a page.

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