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How to Keep Adsense safe from Invalid Click Activity Strike on YouTube Channel

Invalid Click Activity

Invalid Click Activity

Invalid Click Activity. This is the video to completely know about the invalid click activity and how much CTR is safe for your AdSense account.

In this post, we will be guiding you through how to control invalid click activity and save your Adsense account. You need to always remember one thing that never your CTR go higher that 10%.

Don’t click the reply button which you receive in your email it will be opening the video in a new page which is considered as invalid click sometimes. Instead, use the below procedure to reply your comments.

Follow these steps step by step to control invalid click activity:

Open the browser available on your computer do search for youtube and login to your youtube channel.

Click on the community menu there you will see the option of comments section click on the comments and reply to all of the comments that you have received for every video.

Click on the spam comments and deleted them all at once. Don’t ever keep all the spam comments as it is if you keep them as it is then you will get a strike and comments section will be disabled for every video on your channel for more than or up to 3 months.

So, this is the procedure for the computer but when it comes to mobile for suppose if you don’t have a computer at your home then you can use your android mobile to reply to all of your comments in a legal way.

Open the play store that is available on your android mobile. Do a search for “youtube creator studio” app and install the app.

This app is completely safe to use to check the views and subscribers count. By using this app you can even reply to all of your comments. You can report the spam comments by using the app.

You can do almost everything that you can do on a computer by using this youtube creator studio app. This is the must have app to check regularly what’s going on with your channel.

Invalid clicks:

It is very to control invalid click activity now. You need to have an another app “AdSense” app that needs to be installed on your android mobile from play store so that you can regularly track how much you are getting the CTR.

The app has a feature of refreshing on its own with the duration of every five minutes. So, always keep an eye on your CTR because the Adsense is very precious. You need to protect it.

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Watch this video to fix invalid click activity:


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