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Iron Man Bluetooth Speaker Review

Iron Man Bluetooth Speaker

Iron Man Bluetooth Speaker Review

Are you marvel series fan ??? Do you like avengers then here is one interesting product in this post.

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If you like listening to songs and also a ironman fan then this is the best ironman bluetooth speaker available in the market for you.

Yes, you can purchase this ironman bluetooth speaker from amazon online but before that lets quickly go through the pros and cons of this ironman bluetooth speaker.

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Ironman Avenger Bluetooth Speaker :

Today we will review this iron man bluetooth speaker.

Firstly, The product looks pretty well and built quality is superb.

This is the box which we get along with this iron man bluetooth speaker.

Let’s see whats inside the box now.

In addition, We get a usb wire to charge this bluetooth speaker.

And also the user manual which will guide you through the quick settings.

The length of the wire is good enough.

However, It charges the ironman bluetooth speaker in an hour and we get 4 to 5 hours of battery time.

This bluetooth speaker looks very attractive and specially if you are a fan of marvel series or ironman itself then you have to definitely check out this product for once.

We can see the speaker from the bottom.

We get four butoons back side of this product.

First one is on and off button. Second one is for the previous track. Last one is for the next track. And The third one is play and pause button.

Press and hold the on button and here the light will start blinking.

We can now pair up mobile with this ironman bluetooth speaker.

This product will cost you around 2900 rupees on amazon.

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