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Iron Man Cursor For Windows

Iron Man Cursor For Windows

Iron Man Cursor For Windows

Today i will be showing you how to apply iron man mouse cursor to your mouse.

Open your browser and do a search for avengers mouse pointers and go to the very first link from the search results shown.

From here you can download various types of avenger cursors like hulk, marvel, captain america, thor and iron man.

Download your favorite character cursor from this website.

Opening this file will not make any change.

So open the control panel and go to the hardware and sound menu.

Now click on the mouse, a popup will be displayed on your screen.

Go to the pointers tab, now click on browse button and select the downloaded iron man cursor.

Now apply the changes made and click on the ok button.

This is how you can apply avenger mouse cursor to your mouse pointer.

Watch above video for full procedure
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