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Remove Virus From Pendrive

Remove Virus

Remove Virus

Remove Virus. This is the simple trick to remove the virus from your USB or computer.

In this post, we will be guiding you how to remove virus and fix the USB to work properly back again by using a software which is available for completely free over online.

Follow these steps step by step to remove virus:

Open the browser that is available on your computer.

Do a search for “USB fix” on the Google search engine and do follow the very fast link from the search results in the browser.

Click on the download USB fix installer button showing on the website to download the software on your computer.

Install the software on your computer. Insert the corrupted USB to your computer USB port.

Open the software and scan the USB using the software by selecting the pen drive path in the software.

The software will scan the USB. It will check for the errors if your pen drive has got any and fix them very easily.

You can follow this method to fix all the corrupted pen drives. You can even scan the corrupted memory cards to know what is the exact problem.

There are much more alternatives available online but this USB fix software works pretty well and provided for completely free online.

Remove virus from pen drive:

Always make sure you format the USB after your usage and don’t transfer any pirated content or cracked content using your pen drive. Never give your pen drive to anyone. Always use the pen drive for personal use only.

Make sure you click on the option of remove device safely before unplugging the USB from your computer. This is the best method to use your pen drive for a long run.

Your pen drive will not be corrupted or damaged if you follow the method of removing device safely before unplugging the pen drive from the computer.

There are a lot of software that is available online to know what is the actual problem that made your USB corrupted. So after knowing the error, you can fix it by googling it over online for the solution.

Nowadays mobiles also do support pen drives by attaching OTG cable but you will be ending up with virus attack to your Android mobile as well as Pen drive if you use it regularly because we install several third party apps which dump some malware files within our Android mobile.

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Watch this video to remove virus from the computer:


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