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Send APK/ZIP/EXE/PDF Files Using WhatsApp

Send Files Using WhatsApp

Send Files Using WhatsApp

Send Files Using WhatsApp. This is the simple trick to send any type of file no matter which format or how much size it is, you can send it using your WhatsApp to your friend.

In this post, we will be guiding you how to send apk file using WhatsApp on any android mobile.

Follow these steps step by step to send files using WhatsApp:

You cannot send the files like apk directly from WhatsApp as of now but you need to make some changes for the file that you want to send to your friend using your android mobile.

Open the file explorer that you have got as a default one on your android mobile and go to the apk section. You will find all the apk files that are available on your android mobile.

Select any file that you would like to send using the WhatsApp. Tap and hold the file that you like to send it will be providing you the several options in which you need to select the rename option.

Rename the file to “.txt” so that it will be converted to the text file now. Just visit the pdf or text files section on your file explorer and you will be seeing the renamed file there.

Tap and hold the file and select the option of sending it through WhatsApp. It will be opening up the WhatsApp for you now you need to select the friend and send the message that’s it.

Now, the person who receives the file needs to go through the same process again. Tap and hold the text file to change it to the “.apk” file extension and click on save so that he can use the app within his android mobile.

Send any file using WhatsApp:

Whatsapp is the first app preference whenever a person is going to install anything from play store. It is free and used by so many people so that you can now send any file by changing the extension to a text file using the WhatsApp on your Android mobile.

The recipient who receives the file again needs to change the extension to its original one to access the file on his android mobile. This is how you can send any files using WhatsApp. You can even send the large files by uploading them on some cloud storage and sending the download link via WhatsApp on Android mobile.

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