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Storage Space Running Out

Storage Space Running Out

Storage Space Running Out

Today i will be showing you how to fix the low storage space issue on your mobile.

Open the play store and do a search for hermit and install this appplication.

After opening the app click on the create your first lite app now button.

This will take you to the ready made lite apps section.

From here you can access all the lite versions of applications that you use daily.

These section has all categories of apps.

These lite apps dont need a lot of RAM so your mobile will not hang at all.

You can now uninstall all of those apps which take a lot of storage from your device.

This way you can also make your mobile perform faster.

You can also create lite version app of any website that you regularly visit.

Go to create your own tab now, enter the website url in the search box and click on the create button.

This will add the shortcut to your homescreen, click on allow if there is any popup displayed.

You can now access all the apps using only one single app in your mobile.

Watch above video for full procedure
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