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Top Most Useful Websites Of All Time | Check Them Now

Top Most Useful Websites

Top Most Useful Websites

Top Most Useful Websites. These are some of the very useful websites that you need check out once.

In this post, we will be showing you some interesting websites that are available over online which will be useful to you anytime in your life.

Follow these steps step by step to see the top most useful websites:

Open the browser that is available on your computer.

Do search the URL “www.virustotal.com” in your browser and visit the website.

See, this website is for those users who don’t have antivirus installed on their computer. If you even don’t have a trial version of antivirus then this is for you.

Just upload the file whatever you are feeling like suspicious or malware affected file to the website, give it some time. The time for scanning depends on the size of the file once done it will be showing you the results whether the file is clean or not.

These are some of the most interesting websites mentioned below:

The second one is “web-capture.net”. You can use this website to screenshot the website just provide the website domain name and choose the file format just like jpeg or pdf etc and click on the capture button on the website to take a screenshot.

The third one is “downforeveryoneorjustme.com”. It is to show you whether the website is right now in online mode or offline mode. Most of the times you cannot visit any website. So, in that case, you can use this tool.

The fourth one is “timeanddate.com”. This website will help to calculate the date and time between two dates if you have provided the dates accurately. It will also provide much more detail info with the dates check by yourself once.

The fifth one is “fakenamegenerator.com”. This website will help you to create fake profile data just like if you want to sign up for any website in which you don’t want to enter your personal details then this will be helping you providing all the fake details just like the name, gender, age, email id, address etc.

All you need to do is select the gender, name set, location and click on the generate button the website that’s it.

Most interesting websites:

These are only some websites, many more awesome website collection are yet to come. We will be adding all of them in our new posts. These can accessible for completely free over online.

You don’t need to register or become a premium member to use them. We just covered some features but you can do much more by trying them all by yourself on your computer.

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Watch this video to know the top most useful websites:


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