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Beware Of This Pendrive | It Can Kill Your Computer !

USB Killer

USB Killer

USB Killer. This is the simple trick to kill any computer by inserting Pendrive or USB in USB slot and turning it on.

In this post, we will be guiding you how to stay away from these type of USB killer devices.

Follow these steps step by step to avoid USB killer:

First of all, open the browser to search for USB killer. You will get to see the Pendrive that you normally use but it kills all the systems within one minute if you have connected it to any USB port.

These type of Pendrive can crash your mobile, smart tv, laptop, desktop etc. Whatever device supports USB port, this Pendrive can kill those devices within one minute.

To avoid these types of crashes you need to scan your computer regularly and always avoid using pen drives that are which are used by others.

Don’t ever use your friend’s Pendrive because the virus will be transmitted through the pen drives only most of the time.

Install any paid antivirus, purchase the full version which will protect your computer from cyber attacks as well as works like virus, malware removal tool for your computer.

Always keep your windows updated to the latest because will be always releasing new updates to fix the existing errors on each every computer.

Don’t visit the torrents websites to download any pirated content it will be safe for your computer. Content in the sense games, movies, full version software etc.

Dangerous Pendrive:

As you know, all of the devices over the world were attacked with ransomware. Now, how these type of virus will spread from one computer to another. For example, if both the systems are connected to the same wifi network or internet service provider and if one system got affected with the virus then obviously the other system also will be affected with the virus.

This is how the virus spreads from one computer to another computer. So if you are using any computer then do use it for personal use only not to share the files and everything using any Pendrive or portable hard disk then there is a chance of virus attack to the computer.

If you want to clean your computer completely safe then do install any antivirus just like antivirus and schedule a boot time scan which will be wiping out all the malicious files that are available on your computer.

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Watch this video to avoid USB killer:


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