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Virus, Worms And Trojans Explained | How To Control Them

What Is Virus

What Is Virus

What Is Virus ?. This is the post in which we have clearly explained everything information regarding the virus, worms, and trojans.

In this post, we will be guiding you how to remove the virus and stay away from attacking it again on your computer.

Follow theses steps step by step to know what is virus:

The virus is affected mainly by the files you download from the internet or using the Pendrive without scanning it.

The worm is affected to your computer only when you click and download any attachment that you receive from any unknown person in the email format without scanning it.

Trojan is created only when if you have cracked any software to make it to a full version.

These worms and Trojans will transfer your activity or personal data to someone else who has created it.

Steps to control the virus, worms, trojans on your computer:

You need a paid antivirus or at least free antivirus to scan your computer regularly and remove any virus if found.

Turn on the auto updates of your antivirus as well as the windows updates on your computer. Make sure you always keep them updated.

Scan the Pendrive before using on your computer don’t just click on the auto play option without scanning.

Don’t download any files from unknown websites and do install the popup blocking extensions just like one or two on the browser before visiting any unknown websites on your computer.

Remove virus from the computer:

Follow above steps to remove the virus from your computer otherwise, you will end up loosing your personal data to someone else. Don’t download content like movies, games and PC software from the torrent sites because those will be very dangerous they will drop a virus file on your computer.

This virus will be always running in your background as an activity and consume all your computer RAM. If you are an internet user then this virus will consume most of your monthly limited data.

Your system will be overheated without any proper reason even though you have not used it for heavy tasks like gaming, editing etc. If you want to avoid the virus then always use the original software don’t go with the pirated or cracked ones that are available over online for free.

Make sure you always update them to the latest version. Antivirus is the must to keep your computer clean whether it is a paid version or free version does not matter both will work perfectly on any computer.

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