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Who Is Using My WiFi

Who Is Using My WiFi

Who Is Using My WiFi

Who Is Using My WiFi. Today I will be showing you how to know who is using your wifi network.

This trick works on the computer because we need to install software to know who is using our wifi.

If you are a limited data user then this trick will be very helpful for you.

Just open the browser and do a search for wifi network watcher filehippo in google search engine.

Don’t download this software from any other website other than filehippo because filehippo is the trusted source.

Once you visit the website then click on the download button and install the software on your computer.

After opening the software you will get to see the IP addresses that are connected to your wifi network.

This software also provides you the connected devices information as well.

If you find any other person using your wifi without your permission then you can block them by logging in to your wifi network login panel using your browser.

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