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Android Backup Data To Computer

Android Backup Data To Computer

Android Backup Data To Computer.  This is the process in which we can back up the data to PC very easily.

In this post, we will be guiding you on how to save or create a backup of your entire Android data to your computer for free.

If you are flashing a custom ROM or you may be creating a normal backup of images, videos, files, contacts, reminders, events, etc to your computer then this procedure will definitely help you a lot.

Follow these steps step by step for creating Android backup data to computer:

Firstly, you just need to enable the USB debugging mode on your Android mobile.

Secondly, Open the settings and go to the about section of your phone.

Tap the build number 7 times then it will be showing you a message on your mobile screen stating ” you are now a developer “.

Go to the additional settings then click on the developer options.

After that, You will see the option of USB Debugging mode in the developer options of your Android mobile.

To enable the USB debugging mode so that before making a backup you just need to attach your mobile with the computer using the USB cable and the computer should detect your mobile.

Open the play store now and do a search for ” MOBILedit PC Suite ” app and install the app on your mobile.

You are now done with your mobile setting all you just need to do is downloading the MOBILedit software on your computer and install it.

After that, open the browser on your computer and do a search for MOBILedit software on the Google search engine.

Follow the very first link from the search results shown in the browser.

Install the software and open the software on your computer.

Select your device just like Android, iPhone, Windows mobile then click on the next button.

Connectivity options:

It will be showing you some options like cable, wi-Fi, etc.

Select cable as your option because we have enabled the USB debugging mode on our mobile.

Now connect both the devices with the USB cable.

Open the app on your mobile and click on the next button. It may take some time to detect your device for the first time.

Select the files that you want to backup on the computer and click on the backup button you see on your computer screen.

You can unplug the devices that are attached after the backup of your important data.

This is the simple and best method to backup your mobile data on the computer.

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Watch above video for full procedure

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