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Apply Dark Mode On Windows 10

Apply Dark Mode On Windows 10

Apply Dark Mode On Windows 10. 

Today I will be showing you how to apply dark theme on windows 10 operating system.

Who doesn’t like the new updates ?? and that too for windows 10 operating system right ??.

If you are a windows 10 user then you might be aware this new theme update from Microsoft.

This new dark theme looks pretty well for your laptop or computer.

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If you are using the cracked version of windows then you won’t get any future updates of windows 10.

So, install at least free version of windows 10 on your computer.

Here is how you can download windows 10 full version for free and if you don’t have a DVD drive then here is how you can install windows operating system using a USB.

However, this update has been rolled out to both the users of windows 10 i.e free and paid users. Therefore, you can opt for this windows update.

All you need is an stable internet connection to stay up to date with the windows 10 updates on your windows operating system.

Here is how you can fix your slow internet connection on windows computer.

Apply this dark theme and change the look and feel of your windows 10 operating system now and that too for completely free !.

Now, Let’s get back to the process of changing the theme on windows 10.

In other words changing the lite theme to dark theme on windows 10 computer.

Process To Apply Dark Mode On Windows 10 :

Firstly, just click on the windows icon and go to the settings panel.

After that, select personalization and click on the colors option.

Now you can choose the option of automatically pick an accent color from my background

or else you can select your desired color from the colors provided below.

You can apply the transparency effects as well.

After that, scroll to the bottom of your screen and choose your default app mode as the dark color.

This will change your windows 10 into a completely dark mode.

Above all, dark mode looks pretty well when compared with light mode theme on windows 10 operating system.

Here is how you can boost the performance of windows 10 with just few clicks for free !.

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