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Apply Unique Notification Design On Android

Apply Unique Notification Design On Android

Who doesn’t like new features ?? and that too for android devices. If you are an android user then this post will help you to apply new design to look more unique and colorful with the new notification feature on your android.

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Today i will be showing you how to apply unique notification design to the notifications you receive on your android.

After this Your notifications will look better than the default design you get on your android.

Process To Apply Unique Notification Design On Android :

Firstly, open the play store and do a search for edge mask app and install this application.

Secondly, open the app and grant the permissions otherwise the app won’t work on your device.

After that, click on the arrow button and here you can edit the notification style as you wish.

I like the edge lighting feature in this app. This will bring a new look to your notifications.

However, you can also change the settings of this edge lighting feature like color, speed and size etc.

Change the settings and select the style of the notification as you like.

Now, lets see how the notification appears when we receive a whatsapp message.

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It looks cool right ?. Do try it once and let me know your opinion in the comments section below.

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Watch above video for full procedure
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