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Best Hidden Features Of Android Mobile

Best Hidden Features Android

Best Hidden Features Android

Best Hidden Features Android. These are some of the hidden features of Android mobile that you must know to become a pro user of Android.

In this post, we will be guiding you what are the best find hidden features of any Android mobile people don’t know. If you are an Android mobile user then do check out the entire post to know some useful information.

Follow these steps step by step for best hidden features Android:

You need to activate the developer options for your Android mobile to access the most hidden features of your Android mobile.

Do follow the below process to activate the developer options on your Android mobile. This process will be different for some mobiles.

Just open the settings and go to the about phone of your Android mobile.Tap on the Built number 7 times it will be showing you the message on your screen “you are now a developer”.

If you are an MIUI device user then do Tap on the MIUI version of your Android mobile 7 times to become a developer.

Now go to the additional settings of your Android mobile and click on the developer options. Do enable the developer options for your Android mobile.

If your mobile battery is draining a lot or you are out of your battery level that is less than 20% then go to the simulate color space of developer options and select the option of monochromacy to turn your device colour into black and white.

This will save your battery a lot and gives you a lot of battery backup when you are striking low on your device.

Hidden features of Android:

If you are a gamer and you want to experience the high-end games on your lower end mobile which only has 1 GB or 2 GB RAM on your mobile then turn on the option of “Force 4x MSAA” in the developer options.

This will speed up your mobile while gaming and you don’t experience any lag on your device while playing high-end games on your low-end mobile.

If you want to operate your mobile using left hand or if you are a left-hand user then turn on the option of “Force RTL layout direction”. This will change your display from right to left so that you can operate your mobile using your left hand very easily.

You can customize your android mobile as you like once you have enabled the developer options on your android mobile.

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