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Best Voice Recorder

Best Voice Recorder

Best Voice Recorder.  This is a good voice recorder for every person who wants to create a video with his own voice.

In this post, we will be guiding you the perfect voice recorder and that too for free which works for every Android mobile.

Especially if you are a video creator then you can use this app for recording a good voice without any disturbance.

However, you can also screen record your computer using software. Here is how you can record the computer screen for free !.

Follow the steps step by step for best voice recorder:

Firstly, Open the Play Store that is available on your android mobile.

Secondly, Do a search for “ recforge ” app and install the app on your mobile.

After that, Open the app and grant the permissions whatever it may be asking you otherwise the app will not work properly.

Click on the mic symbol you see on your mobile screen after opening the app and start speaking.

It will record your voice without any disturbances that are surrounded by you and you can even edit the recorded audio within the app.

This app is perfect for video creators those who create videos on their own and give it a voice-over to the videos. These are the top 5 video editing software for computers.

You don’t need a computer and audio editing software to be installed on PC to edit audio files now.

This app is more than enough to remove all the disturbances while audio recording.

This can be used as a virtual mic so that you don’t need to purchase a professional mic for audio recording.

Check out this article: Here is the best budget mic for audio recording without noise.

The best alternative for PC when it comes to audio recording, as well as editing, is Audacity software.

Just open the browser that is available on your computer.

Audio editing software for the computer:

Do a search for ” audacity software ” on Google and follow the first link from the search results shown.

Similarly, this is the best free video editing software for windows computer.

Open the Audacity after installing and import the file that you want to edit using the software. You can edit and customize it as you like.

Once done all you just need to do is save it as an audio file choosing the format correctly.

You can now add an audio file to your video and adjust it by using the video editing software on your computer.

You can use any video editing software for adding audio to the video if you don’t have one installed on the computer.

Then you can use the online “add audio to video” websites that provide the service for completely free.

This is an interesting article: Here is how you can blur any video without video editing software.

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Watch above video for full procedure

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