Blue Screen Error Windows

Blue Screen Error Windows

Blue Screen Error Windows.

If your computer is showing a blue screen and making you frustrated every time you start your computer ??.

Then this is the post which will guide you to fix this problem on your Windows 10 computer.

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Today I will be showing you how to fix the blue screen error on the computer.

However, you have to be using genuine windows 10 operating systems on your computer for this trick to work.

You cannot fix the blue screen if you have activated your Windows 10 using any key generators or using a pirated version of windows 10 operating system.

So, download and install the original windows iso from the trusted Microsoft website.

However, this website will offer you a free version of windows 10 if you cannot afford the paid version.

Here is how you can download windows 10 full version for free and if you don’t have a DVD drive then here is how you can install windows operating system using a USB for completely free !.

Don’t worry, the free version of windows 10 also does works the same as the original.

The only difference is ” you will get to see buy windows 10 ” warning in your notification panel.

And you cannot change the wallpaper of your windows 10 operating system.

However, you can download live wallpapers for your windows computer from here for free if interested.

Procedure To Fix Blue Screen Error Windows :

Now, let’s get back to the process of fixing the blue screen on windows 10.

This process becomes very easy if your operating system is up to date.

Click on the windows icon and go to the settings panel.

After that, select Update & Security and click on the troubleshoot option.

Choose a blue screen error and run the troubleshooter.

After that, it may take some time to detect the issue.

Usually, we get a blue screen if any windows update is not installed properly on the computer.

You can find and fix the blue screen error using this troubleshooter.

Similarly, you can find and fix any software related problems or errors in this troubleshoot menu of your settings panel.

Above all, this process works only if you are up to date with all the updates of windows 10.

Here is how you can boost the performance of your Windows 10 computer for free !.

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Watch this video for full procedure

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