Change Chrome Browser Theme

How To Change The Look And Feel Of Google Chrome Browser

Change Chrome Browser Theme

Change Chrome Browser Theme. This is the simple trick to change the complete look and feel of the chrome browser on your computer for absolutely free.

In this post, we will be guiding you on how to change the Chrome browser theme by making some small changes on the browser.

This is the best method especially if you use your computer daily for browsing the web using google chrome for your daily work.

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Follow these steps step by step to change the chrome browser theme:

Firstly, open the chrome browser that is available on your computer.

Secondly, go to the web store of google chrome and do a search for momentum extension.

After that, click on the add to the chrome button and grant permission by clicking on the Add extension button.

It will be downloading the small part of its file and then installs the extension for your chrome browser.

It will be asking you your name and email for the first time you can mention them or else simply click on the logout button.

Whenever you open a new tab it will be showing you a nice background with time and wishes for you.

You can add the daily tasks that you want to complete on the new tab page and once completed the work you can tick mark it.

It will be showing you the weather for this your location has to be provided correctly to know the details of the weather exactly.

In addition, You can even add your favorite websites that you regularly visit the favorite section of that new tab.

However, you can even set a custom background if you are bored with the provided backgrounds within the plugin.

Download an HD wallpaper for on your desktop and then you can apply it as a background for the theme.

You can customize the extension as you like. It completely provides you a new look and feels for your chrome browser.

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New look for chrome browser:

You may be bored of that normal window appears whenever you open google chrome browser.

So this is the time to bring some change to it. You can customize your browser’s new tab as you like.

Always try something new adding to the chrome browser.

After making the above changes you can now get to see a new beautiful background whenever you open a new tab in the google chrome browser.

It feels a fresh look and the browser greets you according to the day time.

Just try by yourself by installing the extension it has got many more features that I have actually explained.

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