Change Computer Name

Change Computer Name

Change Computer Name.

You may not know how to rename your computer.

Usually, if you don’t rename it then it will be in the name of My Computer with some numbering as default.

However, it is not mandatory for you to rename your computer but you have to know how this thing work right ??.

So, this post will let you know how to rename your laptop or computer.

Today I will be showing you how to rename your computer in windows 10.

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Procedure To Change Computer Name :

Firstly, click on the windows icon and go to the control panel, now search for remote settings in the search bar.

Select allow remote access to your computer option.

Now in the system properties, go to the computer name tab and click on the change button.

Enter the name that you would like to apply for your computer and click on the OK button.

This thing looks cool just like the name ” Rakesh Computer ” instead of some other default name right ??.

A popup will be displayed on your computer screen.

After that, restart your computer to apply these changes, click on OK button.

Now, click on the close button.

After that, two options will display on your computer screen.

Whether to restart now or restart later. Choose your option according to your convenience.

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If you are busy in some other works just like browsing or watching a movie then you can also restart your computer later.

It is not at all mandatory to restart your computer right after changing the settings.

However, changes that you have made will be reflected only after you restart your computer.

These little things will make you a pro user of a computer or laptop. Above all, it’s up to you to rename your computer or not.

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Watch above video for full procedure.

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