Change Image Background

How To Change Background Of Image In Mobile

Change Image Background

Change Image Background. This is the simple trick to change the background of the image and edit the image as you like on your android mobile.

In this post, we will be guiding you on how to change the image background of any image in a simple way.

You can save the image as a GIF file as well.

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Follow these steps step by step to change image background:

Open the play store that is available on your android mobile.

Do a search for ” fabby photo editor ” app and install the app.

Grant the permissions whatever it may be asking you.

Open the app and either you can capture the image or import the image from your mobile gallery.

Once done you can customize as you like.

You can change the background, you can apply any default background templates that are available in the app.

Now change the image background and click on the Next button once you are satisfied.

It will be showing the option of sharing it on Facebook and all other social profiles or you can simply save the image to the mobile gallery.

Always keep the app updated so that whatever updates will be released by the admin will be updated automatically.

Change background of image:

Changing the background of any image is very difficult until you know the correct process to do it.

The procedure above provided is good enough to edit any type of image that helps in changing the background.

If you are not an android mobile user then you can use the lunapic website which really helps to remove the background of any image.

You can later add any image as a background for the image online.

Fabby app works great when it comes to editing and it is also available for completely free on play store.

With just a few clicks you can change the complete look of an image and its background.

You don’t need any software to do so only online websites are enough to edit any image.

You can add the animated gif style to the image by using this app.

Image background can be changed using android mobile with several apps but this is the perfect one that everyone needs to lookout.

By using this app you can even create a gif files within the android mobile.

You can place a transparent background or multiple color background for the image.

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Watch above video for full procedure

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