Create 3D Name Live Wallpaper

Create 3D Live Wallpaper Of Your Name In Android

Create 3D Name Live Wallpaper

Create 3D Name Live Wallpaper. This is the simple trick to create 3d name live wallpaper within your android mobile.

In this post, he will be guiding you on how to create a live wallpaper with your name on it added with 3D effects using your android mobile for free.

You can apply this live wallpaper to your Android mobile as well.

Follow these steps step by step to create 3D name live wallpaper:

Open the Play Store that is available on your Android mobile.

Do a search for ” 3D my name live wallpaper ” app and install the app from the play store on your mobile.

Open the app after installing and grant the permissions otherwise the app will not work properly.

Tap on the three dots you see at the top right corner of your mobile screen and click on the Settings option.

Now click on the edit text option.

Enter your name in it that you would like to display as a 3D wallpaper on your mobile screen.

Click on the OK button.

You can select the font type as you like as well as some settings just like transparency, interactive and speed of cube rotation are provided within the settings panel.

Set the speed correctly and tick mark both transparent as well as interactive options provided in the settings.

Once you have done all the settings.

You can click on the set live wallpaper option you see in the settings.

It will be showing you a demo regarding how they live wallpaper looks like when you have applied it to your mobile screen.

If you are not at all satisfied with the changes you have made then you can always go back to the settings and make the changes that you like the most.

Click on the set live wallpaper option you see at the bottom of your mobile screen then it will be applied to your home screen.

3D live wallpaper for mobile:

The cube rotates continuously and whenever you scroll on it the cube will move much faster than normal rotation.

There are many more apps that work similar to this 3D live wallpaper but they do consume a lot of your battery in the background.

So if your battery backup is good.

If it lasts for one day then you can apply these 3D live wallpapers for your mobile home screen.

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Watch above video for full procedure

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