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Create Your Cartoon Photo For Free

Create Your Cartoon Photo For Free

Create Your Cartoon Photo For Free

Who doesn’t like their cartoon picture ???. Now, You too can create a funny cartoon of yours using your computer or mobile within seconds and that too for completely free !.

Similarly, Here is how you can convert your old family photos to color photos instantly for free !.

Want to display a cool new cartoon profile pic of yours on social media ?? then this is the post for you.

You can now surprise your friends with this cool new look.

However, you can now apply this cartoon pic as a display pic on whatapp, instagram, twitter, facebook etc.

Procedure To Create Your Cartoon Photo For Free :

Today i will be showing you how to cartoonize your photo for completely free online.

Firstly, open your browser and do a search for cartoonize in the search bar.

After that, do follow the very first link from the search results shown.

Choose upload from disk option, you can also select upload from url if you have a image url.

Select the image from your disk and upload it to the website. However, Uploading time will depend upon the speed of your internet connection.

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After uploading, pick an effect from the side menu that you would like to apply for your image.

Process To Apply Live Effects To Your Photos :

This website has got a lot of effects and all effects are available for completely free.

Similarly, Here is how you can add live effects to your photos for completely free !.

You can follow the same procedure on your mobile by visiting this website if you don’t have the laptop or computer.

Once you are done with applying the effect to your photo.

Now you can save the image by clicking on the save button.

You can also increase the image quality and select the image format in the popup displayed on your screen.

Click on the save button, the image will be downloaded to your computer.

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Above all, this is really a cool website to create cartoon picture of anyone.

However, if you like cartoon then you may be interested in animation as well. Here is how you can create animation using your android for free !.

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Watch above video for full procedure
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