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Cut Out Object From Image Without Photoshop

Cut Out Object From Image Without Photoshop

Cut Out Object From Image Without Photoshop

Want to learn how to edit images ?? but your computer cannot handle Photoshop ?? Don’t worry, this post will help you how to edit images like a pro without Photoshop in your computer and that too for completely free !.

Here is how you can learn computer shortcuts for free !.

You can also learn the Photoshop software shortcuts using mobile now.

Yes, you don’t have to pay for any pro software just have a genuine windows 10 operating system is more than enough.

Here is how you can get windows 10 full version for free if you don’t have one installed on your computer.

Process To Edit Image Without Photoshop :

Today i will be showing you how to cut out object from a image without Photoshop.

Here is an interesting post i.e how you can convert your old family photos to color photos without Photoshop.

Trust me, it just takes a minute to convert black and white photos to color photos.

This can be done using the paint 3d tool in windows 10.

Firstly, open the image which you would like to edit using the paint 3d.

Now click on the magic select option and select the area which you want to cut out from the image.

Click on the next button.

After that, add the missing part using the add button and remove the unwanted part from the image using the remove button.

Once you are done with cutting the image correctly. Click on the done button.

Now you can paste this edited part on any other image.

After that, click on the save button to save this file.

So, this is how you can cut out object from a image using the paint 3d tool in your windows 10.

However, you don’t need Photoshop to edit images any anymore.

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Watch above video for full procedure
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