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Enable Or Disable USB Ports In Computer

Disable computer usb ports

Disable computer USB ports

Disable computer USB ports. This is the simple trick to enable or disable USB ports on any computer.

In this post, we will guide you how to stop the functionality of USB port.

So that if anyone plugins a pen drive to your computer it will not be detected.

However, You can always enable and disable USB ports on your computer.

So no one can use your computer for transferring the data which will result in a virus attack.

However, if your computer is affected with virus then here is how you can remove virus using pendrive.

Follow these steps step by step to disable computer USB ports:

Firstly, Open the browser that is available on your computer.

Do a search for “ budulock ” on Google and do follow the very first link from the search results shown.

After that, visit the website then click on the download button you see on your computer screen to download the software.

Install the software on your computer and open it. The two main features this app offering us is folder lock, disable the flash drive.

You can now lock any folder on your computer by using this software and unlock it anytime again.

The main feature of this software is flash drive lock.

Click on the flash drive lock tab after opening the software choose the option of enable or disable flash drive and click on execute button provided within the software.

Your all USB ports will be disabled until you unlock them by using this software again on your computer.

This software is provided for free online from the original source.

So don’t trust those websites which will ask you money for downloading it.

The second best software which is very popular and must installed on the computer is ” CCleaner ” software.

Here is an interesting article ” how you can install all software with one click ” on your computer

Best software for the computer:

This CCleaner software is provided for completely free from online.

You just need to customize and make some changes according to you after installing this cleaner on your computer.

Make sure you scan and clean your computer once in every week

So that your system will stay clean without any malware, duplicate files, junk files, temporary files etc

which will take all of your storage space that is available on your computer.

Here is how you can automatically clean waste files from windows 10.

You have to turn on the automatic latest updates for this cleaner to perform and get best results always on the computer.

Make sure you do the same with the anti-virus if installed on your computer to keep your system safe with the latest virus definitions updated on the computer.

If you want to run an in-depth scan for the computer then always choose the boot time scan which will give you the best results of scanning the computer.

However, if you feel like your computer is not responding then here is how you can reset your computer without losing data.

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