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Double Tap To Change Wallpaper In Android

Double Tap To Change Wallpaper In Android

Double Tap To Change Wallpaper In Android

Who doesn’t like new wallpapers ???. What if i say you can change the wallpaper on your android automatically with a timer.

This feature will bring a new look to your android mobile and that too for completely free !. In addition, you can change the wallpaper on mobile very easily from homepage it self.

If you are interested in 3D wallpapers for mobile then you can check this 3D wallpapers app now. You can also create your own 3D name live wallpaper for your mobile.

Today i will be showing you how to change the wallpaper on android with double tapping but this supports only live wallpapers.

Process :

Firstly, Open the play store and do a search for wallpaper changer app and install this application.

After that, open the app and click on the error you see on the screen.

Select the set wallpaper option now.

I am selecting double tap to change the wallpaper here. Choose the option which you like.

After that, Go to the albums section and select the default album.

Now tap on the plus icon to add the images to this album.

Here is how you can enable 3D gallery for android.

However, Grant the permission to access your gallery otherwise the app will not work.

Now add the images one by one to this album.

After that, Go to the settings now. From here you can choose image position, image size etc.

Tick mark random wallpaper order.

Now lets double click on the screen to change the wallpaper.

You can also set a timer to change the wallpaper automatically on your mobile screen using this app.

Here is how you can apply live wallpapers for android for free !.

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Watch above video for full procedure
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