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Earphones With Mic | Earphones With Noise Cancellation Feature


Are you looking for the best earphones with mic ???. What if you get a best budget friendly earphones along with noise cancellation feature ??. Interesting right ?.

If yes, then here is the post which will guide you through the best earphones with mic.

Earphones With Mic For Music Lovers :

Today we will unbox this mi basic earphones.

Firstly, this is the box and the packaging looks good.

These are mi earphones basic with mic which provides ultra deep bass.

Base or bass what ever you call it.

Secondly, it claims to provide balanced sound and these are light weight as well.

I have ordered red and black combination here.

It is available in two more colours blue and black ones.

These are the best earphones along with mic at this price range.

This is not the actual price of this product.

Best Budget Earphones :

You will get this product for 400 rupees from amazon.

The length of the cable is 125cm.

After that, here are the details of manufactured year along with the month of import.

Lets quickly unbox this product and see how it looks.

The packaging is really good.

We also get two pair extra ear buds along with this earphones.

The material and build quality of ear top is superb.

These ear tops are not magnetic.

This is the mic of this earphones along with button to answer calls.

As you can see the length of the cable is very long.

These are the best earphones at this price range available in the market.

This are the best selling earphones with mic right now online.

You can check this product reviews from google as well.

The pin is not a straight one you will get L shaped pin for this earphones.

The sound quality of this earphones are good with little extra base.

Above all, magnetic lock is missing other than that everything is perfect considering the price.

Note : If you like this product then you will find the in depth review along with its best buy link in the video provided below.

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Watch above video for full procedure

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