Fake Spam Emails For YouTubers

Fake Spam Emails For YouTubers

Fake Spam Emails For YouTubers

Frustrated with spam emails in your mailbox ??. We recently got this phishing email.

This is the fake email that looks exactly like the email we get from the youtube support team.

If you are a YouTuber, in other words, you are running a youtube channel then this post will definitely help you to secure your Gmail account.

Today I will be showing you how to stay away and keep your account safe from these spam emails which we get in our Gmail.

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See, today morning I received this fake email.

This is the Fake Spam Emails For YouTubers or youtube channels :

Which says my channel has reported containing several spam videos.

Everything looks perfect except this here.

However, the YouTube team will never ask your channel password.

This email looks strange, so I went to the details of this email.

I copied the email address and google it in the browser.

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This the reply from the google support team.

Firstly, these are phishing emails.

So, never ever provide your password as a reply to this email.

Instead, do this, go to the email now tap on these three dots and click on report spam.

So, that’s it friends never ever share your password with anyone.

Share this post with all of your fellow YouTubers so that they can save their Gmail accounts as well as YouTube channels.

However, here is how you can create a strong password for your account and secure your account.

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Watch above video for full procedure

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