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Change The Colour Of Folder In Computer

Folder Colour Changer

Folder Colour Changer

Folder Colour Changer. This is the simple trick by using which you can change the color of the folder on your computer.

In this post, we will be guiding you to apply different colors to folders so that you can change the appearance of your computer and bring a new look for free.

You may be bored of normal yellow color that you get as a default option for every computer but we can change it now by using a software you can apply multiple colors for multiple folders on any computer.

Follow these steps step by step for folder colour changer:

Open the browser that is available on your computer.

Do a search for “folder colorizer” on Google search engine and do follow the very first link from the search results shown in the browser.

After visiting the website click on the download button to download the software for your computer. Install the software on your computer.

Now, right click on the folder that you change the color of and you will see the Colorize option in the right click menu.

When you take your mouse to the colorize option you will see the colors listed in the drop-down menu sidewards shown to you on your computer screen.

All you just need to do is select the color that you would like to apply for that folder.

If you ever wanted to get back the default yellow color then click on the restore original color option you see the colors provided.

This is out you can apply a color any folder on your computer.

This software is provided for free actually but some of the websites will show you the price they will ask you to pay.

Beware of fake websites:

Don’t trust those websites do download the software only from trusted sources like File Hippo website.

You can also choose your own desired color other than the listed colors by clicking on the colors option you see while applying the color to the folder.

You can manually select the color that you wish among all the colors provided by using this feature on your computer.

Don’t apply too many colors for all the folders because it may take the time to load your desktop or any local drive while you are trying to open it on the computer. You can always uninstall the software by going to the add or remove programs section of the control panel on the computer.

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