Format Mobile By Sending SMS

Delete Everything On Mobile By Just Sending SMS

Format Mobile By Sending SMS

Format Mobile By Sending SMS. This is the simple trick to format your mobile in case if you have lost it or else if someone has stolen it by just sending an SMS to your mobile, you can wipe out the entire data that is available on your mobile.

In this post, we will be guiding you through the process of format mobile by sending SMS.

This is the best method to do so in case if your mobile is stolen or if you lost it.

Note: Before you try it on your mobile make sure you backup everything on your android within seconds for free !.

Follow these steps step by step to format mobile by sending SMS:

Open the play store that is available on your android mobile.

Do a search for eradoo data protection app and install it.

Read the instructions shown to you carefully after opening the app.

Click on the settings and go to the settings section of the app.

Provide the password it will be asking you so that whenever someone tries to access the app he or she needs to enter the password.

Enable all the features you see in the app.

It also contains a paid version but not to worry-free version also works great.

By using this app if you activated it correctly when someone removed the sim card from your mobile the data that is available on the phone will get deleted completely so that your personal information will be completely safe in hands.

After enabling all the features available in the settings section of the app to click the power button you see when you open the app.

It will be asking you permission now just click on the activate button to grant permission.

Done with the settings. The benefit of this app is no need for running it always in the background.

Once you have activated the settings then it will start working.

Now if you send the message to the number present in the mobile, the app triggers itself and it will wipe out all the data that is available on your android mobile.

This app is completely safe and the best method to use when you have lost your android mobile or someone else has stolen your android mobile.

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Delete everything on mobile with one SMS:

This is must-have application for all the mobiles because we don’t know when we actually lose our android mobile.

Configure it once and leave it no need of app running in the background.

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