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Godaddy Domain Name | Search | Check | Checker – Buy Domain For Cheap


Godaddy Domain Name. Are you looking for domain along with hosting for cheap online ???. Searched a lot and didn’t find anything online ??. Don’t know how to get it ?.

If yes, then this post will help you using the Godaddy website to get the best domain name along with hosting for cheap.

Godaddy is the best and trusted source available online to purchase the domain as well as hosting for cheap.

Process To Purchase Godaddy Domain Name Along With Hosting For Cheap :

Today i will be showing you how to buy a domain along with hosting using the godaddy website for cheap.

Firstly, open your browser and do a search for Godaddy in the search bar.


This is the ad link of godaddy website.

Make sure you follow this ad link to get the best offer automatically applied to your cart.

You will not get any promo code applied if you follow the normal link of this website.

Godaddy Domain Name Search :

Secondly, follow the godaddy ad link and search for domain name using the search bar until it shows the domain is available.


Once you find the domain available option.

After that, check its price and click on the select button.

After selecting the domain, click on this continue to cart button.

Select the term of your domain from here.


I recommend you to select it for minimum one year.

You can also purchase the matching domains that are available like .co and .info domains.

If you are really serious about your website then purchase this .co and .info websites as well.

Because this will help you a lot and your traffic will increase in a very short period of time.

The promo code will automatically applied to your cart because you followed the ad link.

You can also search for godaddy coupon codes online and apply the code which is best for you.

After that, click on the proceed to check out button.

Godaddy Linux Hosting Plans :

I recommend you to select the linux hosting plan and always go for the basic plan if you are just starting your website.


In this case, you can go for the starter plan and later when your website traffic increases then you can upgrade your plan.

You can also switch between these plans anytime by logging in to your godaddy account.

If you are running on a tight budget then go for a monthly plan.


However, I recommend you to select the one year plan because the more you increase the term the better price you will get.

Now, scroll down to continue to cart.

Check the term of your hosting plan once again.

So, this is the final price of domain along with hosting after applying the promo code.


However, the final price will be different for different domains and hosting plans.

So, it will not be the same for you.

Click on the proceed to checkout button.

Create Godaddy Account :

Here you have to create an account.

You can either login directly using your Facebook or else you can create an account by providing all your details.


I recommend you to click on the create an account link.

You have to provide your email address here.

Set a username, password and four digit pin for your account.


Make sure your password is a combination of numbers, letters and symbols.

After that, click on the create an account button.

Enter your name, email address and all the details here.


Click on the continue button now.

Add your payment information like debit card, credit card or net banking details here and click on the submit button.


Your complete order review will be displayed on your screen.

Check your address and payment information carefully.


Cross check your domain and hosting plans along with its term.

If you find any mistakes then you can correct them using this edit order option.

Also check the final price before placing the order.

You can use any payment method from here.

Godaddy Payment Options :

This website also provides the payment options like debit card, credit card, net banking and UPI as well.


Choose the best option and complete the payment.

After successful payment you will be redirected to your godaddy account.


You will also get complete billing info in your mail box.


It takes some time and once your domain gets ready you will get this email from godaddy.


Click on the manage my domain button to create your c panel account.

Create C Panel For Website :

Select a username and set the password for your c panel.

Make sure your password is long and strong enough before you click on the next button.


Scroll a little bit and select the WordPress blog option in the web applications category.


Select WordPress blog again from here.


Install WordPress On Your Website :

Click on the install this application button now.


Select the recommended version of WordPress and choose your language using this drop down menu.


Leave these options as it is.

Here you have to set username and password for your WordPress blog.


Enter website title and tagline as well.


You can also edit this website title and tagline later but make sure you provide your username and email address correctly.

Cross check all your details once and click on the install button.

This will install WordPress on your website.


After successful installation, you will get to see your website URL along with WP admin.


Follow the URL and login to your WordPress blog using your username and password.

Now, you can edit your website and start writing posts from here.


This is how you can purchase a domain along with hosting using the godaddy website.

Above all, It hardly takes one day to setup your website up and running.

Check out some really cool stuff like latest tips and tricks of android, computer by visiting the website homepage.

Watch above video for full procedure

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Where Domain Registered ?

You can register domain using any hosting company. For example: Hostgator, SiteGround etc.

Where Domain Is Hosted ?

Domain is hosted on any hosting company. For example: Godaddy, Namecheap etc.

What Domain Name ?

Domain name is your website URL. For example: www.websiteurl.com

Which Domain Name Is Best ?

Always prefer .com domain. It is the best but if you are targeting any specific region web traffic like India then you can go for .in domain as well.

Are Domain Names Free ?

Yes, but not all domains will be free. If you want a free domain then you can easily get .tk domain for completely free online.

Can Domain Names Be Transferred ?

Yes, you can transfer it from one person to another or one company to another. You have to contact your registrar to transfer it.

Which Domain Extension Is Best For SEO ?

Keywords Everywhere is the best extension for SEO. All browsers supports this extension.

Which Domain Provider Is Best ?

Namecheap is the best domain provider as of now.

How Website Earn Money ?

You can implement Adsense ads on your website and earn money. You can also sell your products or affiliate products to earn money using your website.

How Website Is Created ?

Buy Domain & Hosting and install WordPress. You can now create website using WordPress CMS.

Why Website Is Important ?

Website allows you to target online customers and this improves your business.

What Is Linux Hosting ?

Hosting which uses the operating system called Linux on the server. This is known to be Linux hosting.

Cpanel How To Install WordPress ?

Login to your Cpanel account and go to the web applications category. You can install WordPress blog from there.

Are WordPress Plugins Free ?

Yes, most of the WordPress plugins are free and they offer you better features if you opt their paid services.

Where WordPress Pages Are Stored ?

Pages and posts are stored in the MYSQL database.

Why WordPress Is The Best ?

You can customize your website as you like if you are using WordPress. There are number of themes and plugins available for WordPress which will make your work easy and save your time as well.

Why WordPress Is Slow ?

It depends on your web hosting service. Also, If you have not configured it properly then your WordPress will become slow.

Can Blog Make Money ?

Yes, blog will be easily approved through Adsense and you can implement Adsense ads to earn decent income every month using your blog.

How Blog Is Created ?

You can create blog using the blogger website. All you need is an gmail account which you can create within seconds.

Blog Where To Start ?

You can start blog using the blogger website. All you need is an gmail account which you can create within seconds.

What Blog Means ?

Blog means regularly updating webpage or website.

What Is An URL ?

URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator.

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