How To Increase Internet Speed On Windows 10

How To Increase Internet Speed On Windows 10

How To Increase Internet Speed On Windows 10. Today I will be showing you how to increase internet speed on your computer or laptop.

This option is only available for those computers which are running on the Windows 10 operating system.

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You can increase your internet speed by just making a small change in your settings panel.

Process To Increase Internet Speed On Windows 10 :

Firstly, click on the windows icon and Go to the settings panel.

Secondly, click on the privacy option provided in the settings.

After that, choose background apps by scrolling down a little bit on your left side of the screen.

And turn off the background running apps option.

You can turn off all the background running apps or you can choose manually to turn off the apps that you don’t need.

These apps will run in the background and consume all your internet data.

Make sure you turn this option off if you are a limited data usage.

I recommend you to turn off all the background apps.

However, if you use certain apps then do not turn them off.

Only turn off the apps that you never use in your windows computer.

Once you have done this setting, you will get to see some improvement in the speed of your internet connection.

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However, you can remove apps or software from loading right after you start your computer by going to the startup settings.

Make sure you change the startup tasks of windows 10 as well because this will consume your RAM right after starting your computer and make your windows computer very slow.

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You can also use CCleaner for your system which will keep the entire track of your system and its uses on your windows computer.

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