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HP Mouse Review

HP Mouse Review

HP Mouse Review

Are you looking for a laptop mouse or desktop mouse ??? then this post is for you.

However, this is not a gaming mouse but you can use this mouse for multi purpose as well.

HP Mouse Review :

Today we will unbox and check the pros and cons of this HP wired mouse.

Inside the box we get a mouse, user manual and warranty card which is one year limited.

However, you can read the user manual if interested.

This mouse will cost you around 400 rupees on amazon.

It’s a plug and play mouse, you don’t need any software to install in your windows operating system.

Let’s open the box now.

Mini Portable HP Mouse :

We get the mouse and a warranty card paper. HP brand is providing a one year warranty on this mouse.

Let’s keep this box aside and check the mouse.

The length of the wire is good enough. In other words, it is sufficient enough to reach your computer table from top to bottom length.

Firstly, the product is well built and we get a HP branding logo on the mouse.

You won’t feel cheap for the price you paid for and definitely feels worth the price.

This mouse comes with three buttons. left, middle scrolling button and the right button.

In addition, we get a middle scrolling button for this mouse which we cannot see on any other mouse in the market.

It is very small in size as a result feels very lite in weight.

It is portable. In other words, You can carry this anywhere.

On overtime usage it will not feel like you are holding a small mouse.

The red light will be turned on at the bottom of mouse then you will know that the mouse is in connected state with your computer.

Above all, this is the best mouse came from HP brand.

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Note : If you like to purchase this product then you can watch the in depth review of this product along with its best buy link in the video provided below :

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Watch above video for full procedure
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