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Increase Browsing Speed On Computer

increase browsing speed on computer

Increase Browsing Speed On Computer

Increase Browsing Speed On Computer. Today I will be showing you how to increase the browsing speed on the computer as well as boost the performance of computer for free !.

Here is how you can also increase the downloading and browsing speed on android mobile for free !.

You can now visit any website very fast by using this simple trick.

Just open your chrome browser and do a search for puffin browser in the search bar.

You can use any browser that is available on your windows operating system but i am using chrome browser here.

Do search for the puffin browser website link and click on the windows browser option.

If you want to use it for your mobile then you can also get this puffin browser app from the android play store.

Click on the download button. The software is just 65MB in size. Install it on your computer after downloading.

The benefits of using this browser are you can visit any website super fast, This browser will not save your browsing history so it is completely safe.

Don’t Use VPN :

You don’t need any VPN software or plugin to be installed on computer or browser to visit blocked websites.

In other words, VPN software or plugin is also not at all safe some times.

You may end up downloading and installing virus on your windows operating system in the process of installing the VPN.

However, I recommend not to use any free VPN service as well because these VPN software or plugins will dump all the waste or junk files in our computer temporary folders.

After that, these files will turn in to virus overtime which will be not at all safe for your computer.

Check out this important post : These are the top 5 free antivirus for your windows computer !.

If browsing is your priority then this browser will definitely serve your purpose.

Install it and try it once on your computer and let know your experience by commenting below in the comments section.

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