Increase Download Speed On Computer

Increase Download Speed On Computer

Increase Download Speed On Computer

Increase Download Speed On Computer. Today I will be showing you how to increase the internet speed of chrome browser on the computer.

Are you a windows user ?? You download a lot of content from the internet using chrome browser in your windows computer ?? then this post is for you.

Here is how you can download windows 10 full version for free and if you don’t have a DVD drive then here is how you can install windows operating system using a USB for free !.

There are many such tweaks for windows 10 users but this one is very special which will increase your download speed.

By using this feature you can save time and it makes the downloading perform faster using the chrome browser.

Make sure you update your chrome browser because we didn’t know this tweak will work for old versions of chrome browsers or not.

Now, let’s get back to the topic of increasing internet speed on the chrome browser for windows 10 users.

You may not know about this hidden setting of the chrome browser.

Step By Step Process To Increase Download Speed On Computer :

Firstly, open your chrome browser and type chrome://flags in the URL bar and tap on entering button.

You will be taken to the background settings panel of Chrome browser.

After that, search for the parallel in the search bar.

If you can’t find the search bar you can get it by pressing the combination of Ctrl + F keys on the keyboard.

After searching for parallel downloading, Change the default setting to the enabled option.

This will accelerate your downloading speed and it also works on Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, and Android.

Click the relaunch now button after you make this change.

Above all, you will definitely experience the boost in your downloading speed after you enable this option.

Here is how You can also increase the downloading and browsing speed on android for completely free !.

If you are really interested in downloading content from online then make sure you check the internet download manager which is known to be IDM as a short form online.

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