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Increase Performance Of Old Computer

Increase Performance Of Old Computer

Increase Performance Of Old Computer

If you are using a old laptop or computer then this post may help you to make the most out of it instead of throwing it in to garbage.

Making the tweaks and changes to old laptop is always better than purchasing the new one.

I always recommend you to apply and follow these settings to make your old laptop perform faster.

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Procedure To Increase Performance Of Old Computer :

Today i will be showing you how to improve performance of old computer.

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Click on the windows icon on your desktop and go to the control panel and now, change the category to small icons in the control panel.

After that, select the administrative tools option.

Double click on defragment and optimise drive.

Defragmenting the drive will arrange the files accordingly and also free up some storage space on your computer.

By defragmenting, the system will access the files faster and responds to your command even faster just like copying files from one folder to another folder or drive.

Make sure you optimise atleast the drive in which you have installed your operating system and this will definitely boosts the performance of any computer.

Select each drive and click on optimise button. Follow this optimization method weekly or twice every month.

You can also schedule optimisation by clicking on change settings button.

Select run on a schedule option and set the frequency to weekly then click on ok.

Now your computer will be optimised automatically every week after you made this change.

This will speed up the performance of your computer gradually. So, you can use your old laptop as well by making this change in your settings panel.

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Watch the above video for full process
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