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How To Make Free Phone Calls From PC To Mobile

Make Free Phone Calls

Make Free Phone Calls

Make Free Phone Calls. This is the simple trick to make free phone calls from PC to mobile using the internet on your computer.

In this post, we will be guiding you about how to make free phone calls.

This is the best method but you need a high-speed internet connection to maintain call quality and clarity of voice.

Check out this interesting article: Here is how you can call anyone without a sim card for free !.

Follow these steps step by step to make free phone calls:

Firstly, open the browser that is available on your computer.

Secondly, do a search for ievaphone website. Once visited you will be seeing a mobile with dialer option.

After that, select your location above the dialer and enter the mobile number that you want to make a call.

Click on the green dial button that you see and it will be giving you the timing of the call according to your location.

For India’s location especially when I tried it has given me 120 seconds so try by yourself.

The call quality and clarity of voice depend upon your internet speed connection.

This website even has an ios app and android app at their respective play stores.

Do search for the ievaphone app within the android play store to install the app.

Free PC To Mobile Calling:

If you are searching for making free phone calls then this is the best method that you need to follow for sure if you have a high-speed internet connection.

You can call worldwide by using your internet connection that is from PC to any mobile for 120 seconds and after that duration, the call will be disconnected and you need to call that number again by using the same source.

This method is best when compared to other websites or apps in terms of voice quality and clarity.

It is completely free as well all you need is an internet connection that is it.

You need a microphone to be attached to call from PC to mobile and it should be working properly to make the call otherwise you will see the signal disconnects and signal drops happening while calling.

Make sure your equipment just like a microphone, internet and computer are working fine to make free phone calls worldwide.

To install the android app if you don’t have a computer at your home.

The mobile app opens the same website in the web view format and works the same. Install the app and try by yourself.

However, if the above method doesn’t work for you then we have got an alternate method as well: Here is how you can make free calls without a sim card on mobile for free !.

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