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All Messengers At One Place

Messengers App

Messengers App – All In One

Messengers App. This is the simple trick to use all messengers at one place.

In this post, we will be guiding you how to check all the social networking accounts and notifications at one place using your computer.

Follow these steps step by step to get messengers app:

Open the browser that is available on your computer.

Use the Google Chrome browser for this process. Open it on your computer and go to the web Store within the browser.

Do a search for “all in one launcher” extension. Click on the Add to Chrome button and Grant the permission by clicking on the Add extension button which is shown to you as a pop-up on your computer screen.

A part of its file will be downloaded and the extension will be added to the Chrome browser.

When you click on the icon that you see at the top right corner of your browser it will be opening up a pop-up window which contains all the messengers at one place just like Whatsapp, facebook, skype, weChat, telegram, Yahoo Messenger etc.

It has much more collection of messengers within the extension. Do install the extension to your Chrome browser and try by yourself.

The very first time you just need to login to all of your social accounts using this extension and click on remember details so that you don’t need to log in again and again to your social accounts while using the browser.

This login details of your accounts will not be removed from the browser until and unless you delete the complete history and cache of your chrome browser.

Social accounts at one place:

You can use this extension while working using the browser on your computer and use all the social accounts in another window which will be displayed as a popup on your computer screen.

So you can do check the notifications and reply them instantly while working on your computer as well using this all in one launcher extension.

You will also get best apps in the Play Store but none of them work as this extension and it is also provided for completely free.

Make sure you delete your cache and history of your browser if you don’t have your own personal computer because your social accounts will get in trouble if some other person is using your computer.

If you want to clear the history and cache of Browser then CCleaner works perfectly on any computer which will be provided over online for free to download.

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Watch this video to get messengers app:


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