mobile phone security

Android Security Tips

Mobile phone security

Mobile phone security. These are some of the tips that you have to follow if you want to keep your personal info safe.

In this post, we will be guiding you on how to keep your mobile safe virus attack.

Especially if you are an Android user then you just need to care about some security tips for using your mobile.

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Follow these steps step by step for mobile phone security:

Go to the settings of your mobile then visit the additional settings.

Go to the Privacy section and turn off the unknown sources first because it is not at all safe for mobile.

If your mobile is attacked with any type of Malware then your Android does not follow your commands at all.

It will be installing the apps on its own by downloading from online while you are browsing.

You may see all the pop-ups showing up while browsing an untrusted website.

These pop-ups will make you install some fake apps which will be not at all safe for your device.

Install apps only from the Play Store and before installing do check the permissions that the app is required.

So that after installing the app on your mobile you can keep your personal info like email, contacts, messages, etc completely safe.

If your mobile is overheating always then you need to check whether any apps are running in the background.

Visit the installed apps in the settings panel and search for what are the apps that are installed on your mobile.

If you see any familiar apps that are installed on your mobile without your permission then do uninstall them quickly.

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Check background activity regularly:

Always check your background activity regarding what are the apps that are running in the background because your mobile battery heating completely depends on the RAM usage of your mobile.

If more apps are running on the background activity then usually more RAM will consume because of this pressure on RAM your mobile battery tends to heat up very quickly.

Discharge your mobile battery completely to 0% once in a month to regain its power and efficiency back so that it can perform well and survive for a few more days.

If you are using a low-end mobile then don’t go with applying the 3D wallpapers as well as 3D widgets which will consume almost all of your battery and mobile RAM.

In fact, you can enable 3D mobile gallery on your android for free !. This will not consume your battery or RAM in android.

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