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Mouse Pointers For Windows 10


Who doesn’t like custom mouse pointers for their windows 10 operating system ??. This trick works on other operating systems as well.

If you want to apply a new look by making some changes to your windows 10 then this is the post for you.

You can download a wide range of mouse cursor collections for free.

For instance, you can get cartoon, animated, movies, action heroes, marvel and avenger heroes cursor collection by following the below process.

Today I will be showing you how to apply custom cursor for your mouse while using a chrome browser.

This trick only works while using the chrome browser on the computer.

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Process To Apply Custom Mouse Pointers For Windows 10 :

Firstly, open the chrome browser and go to the web store section.

Secondly, search for custom cursors for chrome and tap on the enter button.

This is the extension. After that, click on the add to the chrome button and again click on the Add extension button.

It will be added to your chrome browser as an extension.

Now click on this cursor extension and select any cursor that you like from here.

You can apply any mouse cursor by using this extension for free.

If you want more cursor collection then click on the more cursors button.

This will take you to their official website.

You can add any cursor to your extension from here for free.

In addition, you can also upload your own creation using this upload cursor button.

You can always get back to your default cursor by using this option.

This is how you can apply a custom cursor for your mouse while using chrome browser.

However, if the above method doesn’t work for you then we have got an alternative method as well: Here is how you can apply a marvel avenger iron man cursor on your windows computer for free !.

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Watch above video for full procedure


Where To Download Custom Mouse Pointers Windows 10?

The best website to download mouse pointers for free is provided on our blog post. You can also download chrome browser extension if you want to use custom mouse cursors, only while using the chrome browser.

How To Apply Downloaded Mouse Cursor On Windows?

Open the control panel. Search for the mouse in the search bar of the control panel. Now, open the mouse settings. From here, go to the Pointers tab and then click on the browse button. A popup will be displayed. Select the downloaded cursor or pointer file and finally click on the apply button. That’s it you can now use custom mouse cursor on your windows computer.

Is It Safe To Use Third Party Mouse Pointers On Computer?

Of course, you can use the downloaded mouse pointers to change the look and feel of your mouse cursor. However, make sure you download the mouse pointers from a trusted sources only to avoid virus attacks on your computer.

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