Resonate UPS For Router Review

Resonate UPS For Router Review

Resonate UPS For Router Review

Today we will unbox and review this resonate ups for the router.

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You can also block users from your WiFi network.

However, the packaging is good and the box looks very attractive.

However, this is the router ups from the resonate brand.

I am using this product for 10 days and this product works pretty well.

It claims to give 4 hours of backup, trust me this product is more efficient than that.

These are the details of the input and output voltage of the product. Don’t worry the price is not this much.

If you are interested to buy this product.

then watch this video till the end otherwise you may end up selecting the wrong product for your router.

You can use these ups for Netgear routers and other routers as well.

Let’s open the box now.

Best UPS For WiFi Router :

This is the ups of resonate brand. It feels very light in weight.

You can see the model along with input and output voltage details backside of this product.

This is the on and off button.

And let’s see what else we get in the box.

This is the user manual and you can pause the video to check the setup instructions if interested.

In addition, we get a one-year warranty card for these ups.

We also get three cable wires along with a converter.

You can convert if you don’t have the pin with the exact size.

Let’s see how it works now, but before that, I will show you how to select the ups which are suitable for your router.

This product is available in three models.

Select any model and click on the show more link to see whether your router is on the list or not.

If not, change the model but follow the same process.

See, this model works with my Netgear d500 router.

However, this product is available on amazon for 2000 rupees as always I will leave the best buy link in the description.

Review Of Router UPS :

Now, let’s see how this product works.

Take the power plug of your router and put it in the power socket.

And the other end goes to the input port of resonate ups.

This is the output port.

Now take the wire which came with the ups.

Connect one end to the output port of the ups and the other end to your router power port.

Let’s turn the power on and turn on the ups.

The orange light in the ups indicates it is charging.

Now you can see the lights in the router.

My ADSL light is blinking because I have not connected the wire.

See what happens when the power goes off.

As you can see there is no interruption in the connection.

This orange light will turn to green when the ups are completely charged.

No matter how many times the power goes off you will always stay connected with the internet.

And Your router will not switch off.

This product works perfectly but makes sure you check your router is suitable for these ups or not twice before purchasing.

You can also hang these ups anywhere.

However, if you like the review then you can check our unboxing & reviews playlist available on our channel.

Note: If you like to purchase this product then you can watch the in-depth review of this product along with its best buy link in the video provided below :

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Watch above video for full procedure

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